SPX Galvanised Steel Structural Panels
Galvanized Steel Structural Panels

SPX panels are designed to last over 200 years.  

Exterior Diaphragm and drainage planes eliminate moisture problems.
A continuous exterior metal skin provides built-in drainage planes to eliminate pressure on the wall and prevent moisture and air getting to the interior wall cavity. 

This prevents mold, ensures air-tightness and superior air quality.  SPX is the only technology backed by a lifetime warranty against water penetration.

SPX panels are certified by Underwriters Laboratories for both structural capacity and fire safety.  The first system to acvhieve this level of certification in North America.

Backed by a 30 year structural warranty and lifetime water penetration warranty.
SPX panels are the only unibody construction panels - offering superior strength. 

Panels were tested to over 560 pounds per square foot without collapse - (15 x higher than traditional buildings).

SPX weighs less than 50 lbs per linear foot, but can support over four stories above.
The Perfect Building Envelope
Protecting the inside from outside ensures the best air quality and thermal comfort of a home.  When every part of a building enclosure works in sync, moisture problems are avoided and indoor air is of the highest quality. 
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