SPX Galvanised Steel Structural Panels
The SPX panel system combines air-tightness and higher thermal insulation to achieve the highest thermal efficiency of any housing technology.  This is ideal for designing to a Zero or Near Zero Energy standard. 

Heat is lost through a wall from conduction through the materials, and convection from the flow of air through a wall system.  Combined these heat losses account for over 60% of your energy bill. 

To address conduction, we use a total R-value of R39 to resist 97% of the heat loss from conduction (any more insulation is not economical).  We use an exterior insulation of R15 to prevent thermal bridging losses, and R24 interior cavity insulation.

To address convection losses, the SPX provides a complete metal diaphragm and external vapor barrier to virtually make the wall system air-tight. 

All SPX houses are modelled for heat loss estimates in order to size the heating and ventilation systems.

A SPX wall system can be assembled by skilled homeowners or trades professionals.  No certification is required, and the system only assembles one way.   Panels are lightweight and do not need heavy or specialized equipment to erect.

Materials can be provided as components or in prefabricated panels to match your design.  Basic tools to install the system include an impact drill gun, and abrasive cutoff grinder or saw.  While projects can vary in complexity where it is better to get professional help, most projects are assembled by homeowners themselves.  Make sure to follow saftey precautions.

The SPX Panel system was modelled by computer using advanced automotive design concepts, prototyped and tested to capacity.  A SPX home is likely the strongest and safest system available.  It has been tested to withstand over 560lbs per square foot without collapse - greatly surpassing the limits of the building code.  Unlike other steel  systems, we use higher strength steel than the building codes and our competition.  The SPX system was then fire tested by Underwriters Laboratories under a 100,000 lb load and 1300 F fire, where the structure passed a 1-hour fire rating. 

SPX has received certification from PEI (Unityed States) and UL Underwriters (Canada and United States).

SPX has unmatched warranties:

Design Elegance
Whether you are planning a renovation or a new custom home, SPX can accomodate any existing or new design.  Simply send us your existing drawings and we will provide an SPX quote. Design your look to suit your preference for design or budget. 

Earth Friendly
SPX IS SUSTAINABLE and will not compromise future generations.

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Galvanized Steel Structural Panels

With the highest strength per unit weight of any construction technology, SPX resists settling in soft soils, and is able to support up to six floors above.  SPX is the only unibody structural panel available. SPX is the only housing technology backed by a 30-year structural warranty.
With 50% more corrosion protection than required by code, SPX panels are designed to last over 200 years.   With SPX, architects and designers have their chance to create enduring colourful designs for contemporary architectural projects.

Superior Air Quality
SPX panels have a continuous exterior metal skin with built-in drainage planes to prevent moisture and air getting into the wall cavity.  This prevents mold, ensures air-tightness and superior air quality.  SPX is the only technology backed by a lifetime warranty against water penetration.

SPX panels are certified by Underwriters Laboratories for both structural capacity and fire safety.  The first system to acvhieve this level of certification in North America.
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The SPX panel system provides the ideal configuration for the perfect building envelope - protecting the inside from outside.  The best place for the control layers is to locate them on the outside of the structure in order to protect the structure.

The Perfect Building Envelope.
Protecting the inside from outside ensures the best air quality and thermal comfort of a home.  When every part of a building enclosure works in sync, moisture problems are avoided and indoor air is of the highest quality. 

Superior Thermal Performance.
Interior Drywall
R24 Interior Cavity Insulation
R15 Exterior Insulation

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